Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week of: April 9th

Sight words this week we learned  are: give, make, play, them, new, and say.

  This week, we learned how to sequence events and blend phonemes. 

Keep practicing sight words at home!

In math, we are learning how to identify numbers that are equal, greater and less than.

In religion, we are learning about God giving us neighbors and how they are a blessing.  

Can you please take a current picture of you and your child?  This is also for the Mother’s Day gift.  I apologize, I usually do this during our Spring concert, but the concert is after Mother’s Day.  You can email them to me if you would like.
I have sent home information about the week of the young child and our upcoming field trip.
We have a lot of activities we will be doing until the end of year.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions.  Thank you all for being so helpful!
Our star student was Brock!

Our mystery reader this week was Gabriel's mom Chelsey.

Sight words

Give Make          Play   Them          New            Say

For    Go     Will             Find            This          From

Be               Into             That            Your

Who           Came          But              On              

Is                 Of                Many          How 

So                Where        Zero            Yellow       

Five             Now            With          My             

Are              Me              One             Two

Three          Red             Blue            Four           

We              Come          To                A                

See              And             The             I                  

Like             What